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Australian engineers to develop robots for in-orbit space maintenance

Engineers from the University of Sydney have spearheaded a new project to develop robotic technologies for the in-orbit maintenance of vital space infrastructure.

SmartSat invests $2.3M in autonomous satellite technologies for in-orbit servicing

SmartSat, a leading player in Australia's space technology sector, announced a $2.3 million investment towards pioneering research aimed at bolstering the nation's capabilities in In-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM).

Monash hosts new ARC Hub for 2D materials manufacturing

Monash University has officially opened a new research hub that will facilitate research and commercialisation of 2D materials like graphene with a vast range of applications including in water treatment and manufacturing of batteries, coatings, paints, and sensors. 

Liquid metals pave the way for green manufacturing, says research

Researchers have unveiled a novel technique that uses liquid metals that may potentially revolutionise the environmental impact of chemical manufacturing.

University of Sydney opens new robotics hub to automate hazardous work

The University of Sydney has officially launched the Australian Robotic Inspection and Asset Management Hub (ARIAM), a facility that researchers claim would help transform the way important assets are handled. 

Human brains are naturally wired to act like supercomputers, confirms scientists in new study

The human brain is naturally equipped to perform intricate calculations, akin to high-powered computers, through a process known as Bayesian inference, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

New whitepaper highlights market-ready tech to help achieve Australia’s net zero goals

The University of Sydney’s Net Zero Initiative (NZI) has introduced the Path to Net Zero, a new whitepaper that outlines a series of market-ready solutions and technology to help Australia reach its emissions reduction goals. 

New study finds hidden lithium reserves in Australia

Researchers have mapped out potential reserves of lithium located across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, opening up new possibilities for Australia’s lithium industry. 

Australian researchers use quantum computer to observe 100-billionth-speed slow-mo

A team of scientists at the University of Sydney have successfully demonstrated the potential of quantum technology in exploring new designs in material science, drugs, or solar energy harvesting by slowing down a process critical in chemical reactions by a factor of 100 billion times. 

Researchers discover nano-thin ‘liquid-like’ coatings as sustainable alternative to ‘forever chemicals’

Researchers from the University of Sydney have shown that oil molecules retain their 'liquid-like' features when they are chemically bonded as an incredibly thin layer to solid surfaces, creating new opportunities for developing sustainable materials with non-stick characteristics. 

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