Tetra Pak introduces new range of consumables to improve food production efficiency


Global food packaging and processing company Tetra Pak has launched a range of hot-melt adhesives and lubricants specifically formulated for use with its own filling machines.

Tetra Pak's Hot-melt adhesive for filling machines Image credit: www.tetrapak.com
Tetra Pak’s Hot-melt adhesive for filling machines
Image credit: www.tetrapak.com

Developed in partnership with the world’s leading adhesive producer, Henkel, the adhesives offer improved bonding, lower adhesive consumption and reduced maintenance costs for cap, straw and secondary packaging applications.

Tetra Pak’s new products have undergone trial tests by Al Buheira Lacnor Dairies LLP (Lacnor), the United Arab Emirates’ category leader in fruit juice and dairy, with impressive results.

“The new adhesives delivered marked improvements in operational performance,” said Alfred Fernandes, Production Manager at Lacnor, in a press release.

“During the two month trial, we saw a 49% reduction in maintenance costs and our total consumption of hot melt adhesive dropped by 37%. These results would translate into annual saving of more than US$100,000 across all our packaging lines, significantly offsetting the additional cost of the new adhesive.”

Tetra Pak’s new range of synthetic H1 Food Grade lubricants specifically designed for food manufacturing equipment has also delivered improvements of similar magnitude during initial testing. The lubricants – which are certified by leading independent food assurance organisation NSF International –  lasted up to three times longer compared to conventional mineral oils and also reduced wear rates by 67%.

“Better performing consumables mean much better performance throughout the line,” said Klas Wimmerstedt, Director Parts, Consumables and Upgrade Services.

“As a trend we’re seeing increased interest from customers in improving overall operational performance as the industry looks to become more efficient and control costs. This launch is an indication of our continued focus on helping customers to get the best from their equipment.”