Tindo celebrates five years of solar panel exports to Vietnam

Image credit: Tindo Solar

Tindo, Australia’s sole solar panel manufacturer, has commemorated five years of exporting to Vietnam, with another successful shipment dispatched in the first quarter of 2024.

The announcement was made by Richard Petterson, CEO of Tindo, during his address at the Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Summit, organised by Asialink and Climateworks Centre, and backed by the Australian Government.

The summit aims to promote sustainable development, job creation, growth, and the transition to renewable resources and net-zero emissions.

In a news release, Tindo said it has cultivated a robust rapport with clients in Vietnam and has been fulfilling orders since 2019 as the Southeast Asian nation advances its agenda of energy self-sufficiency.

Established in Adelaide, South Australia, in 2011, Tindo boasts an annual production capacity of 360,000 panels, equivalent to 150MW, at its manufacturing facility.

However, the company holds ambitious intentions to construct a $100 million factory, potentially increasing its production by 1GW per year, with a notable share designated for export to neighbouring countries interested in broadening their renewable energy networks.

Petterson stated, “It is wonderful to be in Vietnam, where we continue to build our export markets and ensure Australian Made products play a role in our region’s energy transition. As well as supporting Vietnam, this brings export revenue back to Australia, supporting jobs and economic growth.”

He also highlighted the deepening connection between the two nations showcased at the summit and the potential for increasing bilateral trade, which would benefit both economies while mitigating emissions.

“Our experts show that there are global markets for Australian-made panels, and with short-term government support to scale, we are confident we can expand our manufacturing footprint. In doing so, we can reduce our cost of production and provide panels to even more customers at home and overseas, and ensure Australia enjoys more of the economic benefits of the energy transition,” Petterson explained.

Meanwhile, Leigh Howard, CEO of Asialink Business, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “The growing partnership between Australia and Vietnam, coupled with Vietnam’s roadmap for energy transition, presents a window of opportunity for Australian businesses.”

“I strongly encourage businesses to build their understanding of Vietnam’s current market landscape so they are equipped to seize the opportunities on offer,” he concluded.