Titomic cold spray tech to shield Woodside’s offshore platform from corrosion

Image credit: Titomic

Woodside Energy, in collaboration with Monadelphous Group, announced plans to utilize the D523 System, developed by Titomic Limited, for corrosion mitigation on its offshore gas platform located near Karratha, Western Australia.

The D523 System, a low-pressure cold spray technology, will be deployed by Monadelphous Group, an ASX-listed service provider to the oil and gas industry, to combat corrosion at Woodside’s offshore gas platform in the Indian Ocean.

Herbert Koeck, managing director of Titomic, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to see our technology being recognized and implemented by industry leaders like Woodside Energy and Monadelphous.”

He continued, “This partnership not only validates the effectiveness of our cold spray solutions but also opens the door to further opportunities in the oil and gas sector.”

According to the ASX-listed company, Woodside’s engagement of Monadelphous for the deployment of the System underscores the industry’s growing interest in innovative solutions for corrosion prevention and repair.

“We look forward to a productive collaboration that will showcase the long-term benefits of our innovative technology to the world,” the Titomic official noted.

Research conducted by the Woodside FutureLab at Monash University has identified the potential of Titomic’s cold spray process for effective corrosion remediation and prevention.

The firm said the use of Titomic’s cold spray technology allows for the deposition of corrosion-resistant materials like aluminium directly onto steel and other metals without heat and without the need for structure disassembly.

This capability is particularly valuable for Woodside and Monadelphous given the remote nature of many oil and gas facilities, making on-site repairs and limited disassembly highly cost and time-efficient.

The agreement between Titomic, Woodside Energy, and Monadelphous Group will be structured as a lease agreement, generating at least AUD 50,000 in revenue for Titomic within the next 12 months.