Tivan and CSIRO join forces to drive TIVAN+ commercialisation

Image credit: Tivan Limited

Tivan has solidified a long-term partnership with Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, aimed at advancing the development and commercialisation of the TIVAN+ critical minerals processing technology.

This strategic collaboration leverages the combined intellectual property and expertise of Tivan and CSIRO, marking a significant milestone in the critical minerals processing industry, Tivan said in an ASX announcement.

Under the terms of the recently executed Technology Licence Agreement (TLA), Tivan gains an exclusive 20-year worldwide license (excluding India) to utilise CSIRO’s critical minerals processing intellectual property specifically for the recovery of vanadium, a crucial element underpinning the enhanced TIVAN+ technology.

In tandem with the TLA, Tivan and CSIRO have formalised their partnership through a Research Services Agreement, outlining their collaborative efforts in technology development to support the TLA’s objectives.

This collaboration extends to the initiation of a TIVAN+ Pilot Plant project, serving as a crucial precursor to the eventual full-scale commercialisation of this groundbreaking technology.

The partnership also underscores Tivan’s commitment to realising its long-term vision, as articulated by the Tivan Board, to establish a TIVAN+ Processing Facility for the Speewah Vanadium-Titanium-Iron Project.

This ambitious venture represents a major stride towards unlocking the full potential of critical minerals processing, with Tivan and CSIRO jointly at the forefront of innovation and industrial advancement.

Tivan Executive Chairman Grant Wilson conveyed that in March, the decision was made by the Board of Tivan to integrate extensive years of research and development related to the TIVAN® critical minerals processing technology with the independent technological advancements achieved by the Mineral Resources team at CSIRO.

“Over the subsequent period Tivan and CSIRO have been working together in close collaboration, rapidly advancing the resulting TIVAN+ technology pathway,” Wilson noted.

He expressed gratitude on behalf of the Board to the CSIRO team for their collaborative ethos and goodwill throughout this journey.

“I am confident that our partnership will endure, and will come to exemplify how research and industry can work together in mission-driven science that addresses Australia’s greatest challenges,” he stated.

In April 2023, the company disclosed its endorsement of the chosen, extended technology trajectory for advancing its VTM projects.

This involved the adoption of an integrated mineral processing technology known as TIVAN+, with plans for ongoing collaboration with CSIRO.

Before this formal announcement, Tivan and CSIRO had undertaken substantial knowledge exchange regarding their VTM processing intellectual property.

During this process, a strategic alignment emerged, leading to the joint effort to formulate TIVAN+ as an optimised process, incorporating specific elements from their respective flowsheets.