Toyota Australia, SAGE Automation recognised in Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Impact Awards

Sustainability Impact Awards - Toyota Motor Corporation. Image credit: Schneider Electric

Toyota Motor Corp Australia and SAGE Automation were announced as the winners of the first-ever Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards

The award, which was announced at the recent Innovation Summit, seeks to recognise partners that have implemented measures to address climate change for shareholders, customers, employees, and the next generations. 

Toyota Motor Corp Australia received the “Sustainability Impact to my company” award, followed by BE Switchcraft as the runner-up in the category. 

Meanwhile, SAGE Automation claimed the award for “Sustainability Impact to my customer,” followed by Azzo Pty Ltd as the runner-up. 

“At Schneider Electric, we want to celebrate the efforts of our partners as they commit to making their businesses more sustainable. We’ve seen various achievements from our inaugural Australian winners, Toyota Motor Corp Australia and SAGE Automation, and would like to congratulate them on winning these awards in recognition of their work,” said Farokh Ghadially, Vice President, Channels & Partners, Pacific Zone at Schneider Electric.

“As the issue of climate change becomes increasingly front of mind for people around the world, more businesses must follow the lead of organisations like Toyota and SAGE and commit to decarbonising their operations. For those unsure of how to take the first step, there are an abundance of tools available to help make us less carbon-intensive and more energy-efficient,” Ghadially said. 

The Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards are intended to recognise Schneider Electric partners, which include switchboard manufacturers, homebuilders, IT, original equipment manufacturers, design firms, contractors, system integrators, and industrial automation distributors. 

The event was launched in early 2023 to celebrate and recognise the role played by Schneider’s extensive network of partners in delivering a more resilient and sustainable electric world. 

Participants are evaluated based on their efforts to leverage the energy, and digital and automation solutions in operations, reducing energy usage, increasing operational efficiency, and embracing circularity across the value chain. 

The awards are open for nominations. Interested partners can register here