Toyota tops Reader’s Digest list as Australia’s most trusted car brand for 18th consecutive year

Toyota Australia's Parts Centre NSW (TPC) in Western Sydney. Image credit: Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia has been named Australia’s Most Trusted Car Brand in the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey, marking the 18th year in a row that Toyota has topped the renowned publication’s list.

The results of the poll were based on responses from 2800 members of the Australian public who answered questions about the brands they value most, Toyota revealed in a press release. 

Consultancy Catalyst Research performed the 24th annual poll independently and distributed an online questionnaire to participants from a variety of demographics, asking them to name the brands they trust across 74 distinct product categories.

According to Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief Louise Waterson, reliability and consistency are important considerations in choosing the most trusted companies in Australia.

“For award-winning brands, the complex challenges created by the current economic environment has only reinforced their determination to work harder to retain the trust of their current customers and attract the trust of new ones,” she said.

Waterson said trusted brands are “consistent, reliable, and value-for-money,” and they cleverly expand and improve their current practices to meet the needs and concerns of their customers.

Meanwhile, Toyota Australia Chief Marketing Officer Vin Naidoo said the results were indicative of the brand’s long-standing reputation for quality, durability and reliability that Toyota has built over decades in the market.

“It is an honour to be named the Most Trusted Car Brand by Reader’s Digest, and it’s especially pleasing to top the list for the 18th consecutive year, clearly showing the faith consumers have in Toyota and its vehicles,” Naidoo said.

The Toyota official also took the opportunity to express gratitude to the brand’s wide range of steadfastly loyal customers, whose devotion to the Toyota brand allowed the company to deliver more than 230,000 automobiles in 2022.

“Over 30 per cent of those sales comprised hybrid models, which enable customers to significantly reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions and fuel costs with no compromise on practicality,” Naidoo noted.