ClearVue Gen-2 IGUs achieve ‘Greenmark Platinum’ rating in BCA test

Second Generation ClearVuePV vision glass testing IGU’sand spandrel panel units (above the glazing ) installed and being prepared for commencement of BCA testing. Image credit: ClearVue Technologies

Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited has received independent verification of the performance benefits of its second-generation photovoltaic insulated glazing units (Gen-2 PV IGU) system for tropical climates. 

Testing, conducted in collaboration with the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) through its Skylab facility, demonstrated that ClearVue’s Gen-2 PV IGUs reduce cooling load by 22.8 per cent and overall energy savings by 7.5 per cent, while improving thermal comfort and reducing glare. 

When combined with the Spandrel Solution, these IGUs can achieve energy savings of 71 per cent, ClearVue said in an ASX announcement. 

Additionally, it significantly enhanced thermal comfort for occupants, improving it by 96.1 per cent of the time, and notably reduced subtle glare by 75.2 per cent, well surpassing the levels observed in the control cells. 

During a four-week duration in July-August 2023, BCA SkyLab conducted a direct comparison between the performance of a test cell facing west, equipped with ClearVue’s Gen-2 PV IGU system, and a control cell featuring double-glazed low-emissivity (low-e) windows certified with Singapore’s BCA ‘Greenmark Platinum.’ 

Various metrics were assessed under actual southwest monsoon season weather conditions in Singapore to gauge the energy conservation and comfort advantages delivered by the triple-glazed Gen-2 PV IGU technology.

ClearVue CEO Martin Deil said: “The BCA SkyLab results validate ClearVue PV as an outstanding integrated product that delivers strong thermal and energy outcomes. The test data proves our technology’s ability to simultaneously cut costs and enhance occupant comfort in the tropics by reducing solar heat gain.” 

The CEO also expressed excitement about the reaffirmation of the advantages offered by the Gen-2 PV IGU products. 

He noted that there is anticipation for even stronger energy performance in regions with more favourable climates, and he expects improved carbon outcomes in cities characterised by higher grid emission factors, potentially leading to more significant CO2 savings and accelerated carbon payback from ClearVue’s PV IGUs.

“BCA’s comprehensive testing program clearly shows the advantages our PV glazing technology provides – as both an energy generator and passive design solution. This is not only good for the environment but will help companies meet the increasing pressure on the building sector to reduce their carbon footprint to meet clean energy targets and current and incoming sustainability mandates,” Deil explained. 

The results confirm the technology’s potential for building owners and developers across Southeast Asia, offering sustainability and efficiency improvements. 

ClearVue said it Gen-2 PV IGUs integrate solar cells into windows, reducing energy consumption and costs while enhancing occupant comfort and contributing to carbon emissions reduction.