US Census Bureau marks 12th annual Manufacturing Day celebration

Image credit: Kostiantyn/

The US Census Bureau is celebrating the 12th anniversary of Manufacturing Day, recognising the role of the manufacturing sector in the nation’s economy. 

This week-long celebration, which will lead up to Manufacturing Day set on the first Friday of October, aims to showcase the benefits and potential of modern manufacturing while promoting careers in the field, the bureau said in a press release.

In particular, the Census Bureau has launched a dedicated Manufacturing Week homepage featuring valuable manufacturing statistics and data products. 

Throughout the week, the Bureau will also share updates about the observance on its social media channels. 

The website provides a wealth of resources, including engaging America Counts Stories, insights into the potential labour shortage faced by the manufacturing sector due to skills gaps, and stories on the impact of manufacturing in various industries.

Furthermore, the website hosts a collection of informative manufacturing infographics and visualisations, offering insights into the industry’s different aspects. 

For those interested in exploring the data further, there are webinars and access to datasets covering a range of surveys and reports related to manufacturing.

The economic census, conducted every five years, serves as the Census Bureau’s most comprehensive source of information on American businesses and the economy. 

It has been gathering statistics on the manufacturing sector since 1810, providing valuable insights into its evolution over the years. 

The Bureau also publishes manufacturing statistics from other sources, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of this vital sector.

In September, the Census Bureau initiated data collection for the 2022 Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES), which will provide crucial yearly measures of economic activity, including data on business revenues, employment, expenses, and assets.