Varley Group celebrates 20-year milestone with Lockheed Martin Australia

Kendell Kuczma, International Business Development Director, Lockheed Martin Australia; Victor Ugarte, CEO, Varley Defence; and Ray Cage, Business Development Manager, Rotary and Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin Australia, pictured together at the Next Generation Deployable Facility, Avalon Air Show. Image supplied.

Aerospace manufacturer Varley Group is commemorating its 20-year cooperation with Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand in delivering infrastructure for various defence acquisition and sustainment initiatives.

In 2003, Varley Group became involved in Defence’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program during the System Development and Demonstration phase.

Since then, Lockheed Martin has awarded the company many contracts to manufacture specialized F-35 aircraft Ground Support Equipment, according to a news release. 

In 2017, Varley Group was given a contract by Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand  to produce integrated Deployable Duty Mission System (DDMS) Shelters in support of the Royal Australian Air Force’s F-35 fleet.

Varley Group was then awarded a contract to deliver new TADRS portable processing cabins in 2019 and collaborated with Lockheed Martin Australia to design and build a sovereign Next Generational Deployable Facility portable cabin to showcase to Defence, in a secure environment, innovation from Australian industry and academia.

Varley Defence’s CEO, Victor Ugarte, said, “Establishing a national supply chain partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia has allowed our company to grow exponentially,” adding that Varley is 100 per cent committed to expanding Australia’s defence industry’s capability and knowledge base.

“We continue to look for opportunities to increase the level of Australian industry content in our products ensuring Varley products are locally designed, manufactured, integrated and supported in Australia for Australians,” Ugarte noted.

To date, Varley Group has completed more than $21 million in Lockheed Martin supplier contracts, supporting the JSF program with the production of 27 deployable duty facilities and 7 deployable ICT facilities.

The 20-year collaboration also resulted in Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand’s support to Varley’s workforce of less than 200 employees in 2003 to grow to over 700 project management professionals, engineers, technicians and highly skilled trade workers. 

Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand’s Kendell Kuczma, International Business Development Director for Rotary and Missions Systems, said the company has a proven track record and deep commitment to developing Australian Industry Capability. 

“We are immensely proud of the enduring partnership we have built with Varley Group over the past two decades and supporting the steady growth of their Australian footprint,” Kuczma said.