Victorian medtech manufacturers receive government support to scale operations

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The Victorian government has expressed its support for the expansion of Australian medtech manufacturers Seer Medical and 4D Medical, which have been continuously growing and positioning the state as a global leader in healthcare innovation. 

The two companies have created a combined total of 280 new high-skilled jobs in the state. 

Seer Medical is currently expanding its operations in Victoria, creating new jobs in advanced manufacturing, industrial design, data science and software development. 

The medtech company allows people with neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, to monitor their conditions at home, reducing the need for more hospital beds in the state. 

Seer Medical has established its global headquarters at Melbourne Connect in Carlton. The company is expanding its artificial intelligence systems and production capability at its North Melbourne facility to enable local manufacturing. 

4D Medical, which is also based at Melbourne Connect, has also received support from the state government for its efforts aimed at expanding its facility in Fisherman’s Bend and boosting capabilities in manufacturing, research and development, product prototyping, and testing. 

The company creates technology designed to transform medical imaging into highly detailed 4D visual maps of a patient’s lung when breathing, providing a better understanding of movement and airflow. 

The XV Scanner, 4D Medical’s world-first lung scanning platform, combines unique software with the company’s proprietary hardware designed and manufactured in Victoria. 

The state’s medtech industry contributes significantly to the state’s economy, generating an average income of $21.4 billion annually.