WA EV network spreads to the Kimberley with fast charger launch

Image credit: mediastatements.wa.gov.au

The first of eight fast chargers for electric vehicles for the Kimberley region of Western Australia is now operational in Broome as the WA EV Network expands throughout the state’s outlying areas. 

Horizon Power’s 150-kilowatt fast charger, located in the Town Beach carpark, will allow users to charge their electric vehicles in as little as 20 minutes, the government said in a media statement. 

In particular, Horizon Power and Synergy are delivering the state government’s WA EV Network, which will feature 98 charging stations spread over 49 locations connecting Perth and regional WA.

In order to power its EV chargers in rural areas of Western Australia, Horizon Power said it is taking a customised strategy to this project that includes employing solar and batteries as well as a backup diesel generator. 

Energy Minister Bill Johnston expressed his delight over Horizon Power’s first fast charger in the state’s EV Network. 

“This innovative project is showcasing Horizon Power and Synergy’s commitment to opening Western Australia’s regions to the electric transport ecosystem,” the minister noted. 

He added that Broome’s fast charger is a crucial step to promote the use of electric vehicles in WA and ensure that EV drivers can explore the state without any range anxiety. 

Meanwhile, Acting Climate Action Minister Tony Buti underscored that the WA EV Network is essential for increasing the use of electric vehicles and will aid in the transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“The Cook Government is committed to preparing the State for the rapid uptake of EVs, creating a more sustainable future and making clean transportation more accessible to communities across WA,” Buti said. 

The $43.5 million government investment in EV infrastructure around WA includes the WA EV Network.

Due to the initiative, EV owners will have access to crucial infrastructure that will make it simple for them to travel throughout the State, where the average distance between charging stations is about 200 km.

Compared to a traditional petrol vehicle, an electric vehicle (EV) that is charged via the South West Interconnected System, the state’s primary power grid, will emit 30 per cent fewer glasshouse gases, the government stated. 

The WA EV Network, which stretches over 7,000 kilometres from Kununurra in the north to Esperance in the south and east to Eucla, will be the longest in Australia.