World’s first blood-based prostate cancer test launches in Australia

Minomic CEO Dr Brad Walsh and Head of Research and Development Dr Douglas Campbell. Image supplied.

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has announced the market launch of MiCheck Prostate, a world-first blood-based prostate cancer test developed in Australia. 

Minomic International Limited led the development of the project to provide urologists with additional information to guide their clinical decisions instead of relying on the results from screening tests that can return poor specificity and poor sensitivity. 

The Micheck Prostate cancer test, which is now available via Douglas Hanley Moir, went through extensive consultation and collaboration with a panel of Key Opinion Leader urologists in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

The local collaborative manufacturing project brought together researchers and industry to commercialise the MiCheck Prostate test. 

The project achieved validation testing, incorporating the test into the existing pathology lab, logistics, and testing workflow, and undertaking market research to engage with clinicians. 

“Delivery of MiCheck Prostate to Australians in under 12 months was only possible with the support and guidance of outstanding project partners, including Douglass Hanley Moir and Macquarie University,” said Dr Brad Walsh, CEO of Minomic. 

“The 12-month program would not have been possible without the considerable support of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre with its co-investment allowing us to bring to market a useful test for the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.”

The commercial launch of the revolutionary prostate exam is expected to create 11 new jobs within Minomic International and boost the company’s revenues by $162 million over the next five years. 

“Minomic typifies the ever-advancing Australian manufacturer: They have taken a great idea and turned it into a product that will improve patient outcomes both locally and globally,” said Dr Jens Goennemann, managing director of AMGC. 

“Minomic’s MiCheck Prostate will provide clinicians with additional technology in prostate cancer decision-making, and it could reduce the cost burden of invasive procedures on the health system, and save lives,” Goennemann added.