First of its kind Pallet Wrapper wins Industry Excellence Award

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AAA Packaging Supplies, a leading Pallet Wrapping specialist in Australia and New Zealand, has won this year’s APPMA Imported Equipment Excellence Award for its C-One Plana Pallet Wrapper.

APPMA Award Winners 2015 Image provided
APPMA Award Winners 2015
Image provided

“The APPMA Imported Equipment Award recognises the efforts of a company who promotes their overseas principal’s equipment in the Australian market, where the equipment in itself represents a high standard of excellence in every aspect relevant to the industry it serves,” the company said in a media release.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Bruce John, National Sales Manager, AAA Packaging Supplies, said that the award was a testimony for the quality for the company’s product portfolio.

“AAA Packaging Supplies is privileged and thrilled to receive this award. There has always been the requirement for innovation in pallet wrapping. Addressing the needs of the market, we were very keen to create the ‘Perfect Wrapping System’ for our customers,” Mr John said.

“The C-One Plana is not only ‘the first of its kind in the world’, but, is the ‘game changer’,  providing greater timing efficiency, productivity and reliability whilst increasing warehouse safety and reducing waste – safety, waste reduction, packaging efficiency, productivity and reliability. With the acceptance of this award we are very proud to be recognized as the leaders in our field for Pallet Wrapping Machinery & Stretch Films.”

The C-One Plana Pallet Wrapper was designed with state-of-the-art technology and built with precision European engineering. It has numerous applications across a broad range of industries, including Food & Beverage, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Print & Packaging, Manufacturing and Transport & Logistics.

Key & unique benefits of the C-One Plana Pallet Wrapper include:

– A turntable only 18mm in height – a world first! – requiring no ramp;

– OH&S approval that eliminates the constant risk of danger and strain normally endured by ‘pick and pack’ personnel when using standard pallet wrappers with loading ramps;

– Guaranteed 20%+ saving in Film Usage within warehouses;

– Guaranteed 50%+ saving in Film Wastage within warehouses;

– A 270 degree accessibility that allows for easy loading of pallets whilst reducing warehouse issues for space;

– Usage data enabling the ability to monitor the machines performance and expenditure.

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