10 products you didn’t know were manufactured in Australia

Image supplied by Magnoshield
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Whilst it’s true that cars are no longer being made on Australian soil, Aussie manufacturing is still thriving across many other industries.

You might be surprised to find out just how many products are made right here in Australia, from electric bikes and sprinklers to earthmoving attachments and microphones. The Australian Made website lists thousands of products that are licensed to carry to carry the green and gold Australian Made logo, and certifies the product as genuinely made in Australia.

We’ve put together a list of some possibly unexpected Australian Made products, so you can make the choice to support local when you shop!

Designed specifically for Australian workers and conditions, the Magnoshield is an innovative protective curtain that shields people, equipment and valuable components from debris and sparks. Made in Victoria from locally-sourced materials, it is fire-resistant, lightweight, versatile, and has industrial-strength magnets for an impenetrable seal.

NKD Electric Motorbike
Manufactured in New South Wales, the NKD Electric Motorbike is built for the toughest outdoor conditions whilst giving the rider a spacious and comfortable ride. Powering from 50km up to 200km in range, it is a lightweight and compact bike for both off-road fun and commuting.

RolaRain Sprinkler
The RolaRain Sprinkler from Wobble-Tee is a robust and hardy sprinkler designed for agricultural situations and commercial irrigation. Using Wobble-Tee’s patented injection moulding design, it is manufactured in Sydney and Adelaide, and delivers around 7 litres per minute watering a diameter of 13 metres.

Tastic Luminate Single 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater, Fan and Light
Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Tastic Luminate Single 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater, Fan and Light from IXL Home is an ideal device for medium-sized bathrooms. With a sleep and contemporary design, it features a powerful airflow, long-lasting and instant warmth and a switchable light to select from warm or cool settings.

Microwave-safe, freezer safe and dishwasher-safe, the Microsafe range of containers are made with injection moulding processes in Dandenong. Available in a variety of shapes that can easily be stacked, they are designed specificallt for quick microwave heating and cooking.

Shawx Manufacturing’s earthmoving components
Using locally sourced materials and componentry, Shawx Manufacturing’s earthmoving components are built for functionality and durability. From earthmoving buckets and compaction wheels to hydraulic hitches, all components are manufactured in Brisbane.

TAG Hydraulic Cylinders
Tuff Manufacturing’s range of TAG Hydraulic Cylinders are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Ayr, Queensland, with castings made in Sydney and seals made in Melbourne. 

Cast-Iron Cookware
The range of Cast-Iron Cookware from Iron Clad Pan Company is manufactured in Sydney from 100% recycled high-grade iron. Each pan is hand-poured to order, and can be used on all cooking surfaces.

RØDE’s Wireless Go II
The Wireless Go II dual channel microphone system is designed and made in RØDE’s precision manufacturing facilitiy in Sydney. Featuring universal compatability with cameras, mobile devices and computers, it is compact, versatile and can be used for a wide range of content creation applications.

AFL Goal Posts
Used in the MCG, Marvel Stadium and Adelaide Oval, Abel Sports’ AFL Goal Posts are widely renowned for their high quality and easy installation. Made in Australia from 100% recycled materials, they are an environmentally friendly and trusted choice.

For the best online directory for certified Australian Made products, visit www.australianmade.com.au/products