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Beyond the factory floor: How to navigate post-pandemic B2B manufacturing landscape

The manufacturing and distribution sectors have traditionally been slow to adopt business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, but this drastically changed in the wake of the pandemic. 

Beyond the factory floor: E-commerce at the pinnacle of digital priorities

As the digital realm becomes the centre of transformation in the manufacturing industry, business leaders are increasingly exploring emerging technology and investing in digital solutions, such as e-commerce, to bolster their own growth efforts. 

Beyond the factory floor: Rethinking e-commerce to revolutionise B2B dynamics

The business-to-business (B2B) trading landscape in the manufacturing and distribution industries has gone through drastic changes in recent years, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic when streamlined digital experiences became the new normal. 

Coates launches comprehensive power and HVAC business

Coates Power & HVAC provides manufacturing companies with turnkey solutions for power, compressed air, climate control and process cooling

Kyocera AVX leverages Minitab Engage to globalise customer experience system

In 2020, Kyocera AVX, a US-based global manufacturer of advanced electronic components, spearheaded a plan to globalise all the systems across its manufacturing facilities located around the globe. 

5 key reasons why manufacturers need an order management system

Many manufacturing leaders are increasingly realizing the role of streamlined order management in coping with today’s increasing orders, supply chain disruptions, and catering to customer demands tied to tighter deadlines. 

Streamlining your supply chain: Automating order management processes

E-commerce has been redefining how the world conducts commercial activities and now plays a vital role, not only in our daily lives but also in the growth of global economies. Thus, companies need the right tools and solutions to become active and competitive players in this space.

The force for sustainable change presented by women in manufacturing

Outdated assumptions and stereotypes surrounding manual labour have meant manufacturing has always been one of the most male-dominated industries in Australia. In 1998, the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency reported that just 25.9% of its workforce was female.

Australian manufacturers remain optimistic despite global challenges

Rising costs, inflation, and supply chain disruptions are increasingly gaining momentum, placing manufacturers all over the world under unprecedented pressure. 

Cleaning solutions, manufactured for the industry

For efficient cleaning of even the toughest of environments, you can trust the Innova range from Comac. Built for the efficient cleaning of commercial spaces, these ride-on floor scrubbers can save you time and money.

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A business-led approach to maximising your SAP investment

Manufacturers are responding to the low-growth environment by focusing on digitisation, ESG and portfolio reshaping, transforming into more digital, resilient, and sustainable organisations.