SA’s $4.5m Business Transformation Voucher Program to boost manufacturing


Three South Australian companies are the first recipients of vouchers worth up to $50,000 each from the $4.5 million Business Transformation Voucher.

SA’s $4.5m Business Transformation Voucher Program
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According to the news release by the Premier of South Australia, Wire By Click, RMax and Williams Metal Fabrications are to use the financial assistance to grow and diversify, so as to keep supporting jobs in South Australia.

Williams Metal Fabrication specialises in mining, civil & construction industries; RMax is an innovator in building insulation solutions, while Wire By Click develops WBC – a new electrical wiring improvement developed by electricians for electricians.

“Where possible this Government wants to assist businesses to diversify so that they can continue to support jobs here in South Australia. By providing up to $50,000, these vouchers free up extra capital for firms to fund projects and initiatives that will eventually lead their business into an era of high-value adding,” said Manufacturing Minister Susan Close.

“I’d encourage all South Australian manufacturers looking to transform their business and capture new opportunities to visit the Department of State Development web site.”

The companies can also seek outside help by engaging experts to help them with marketing and brand strategy, business model development, export readiness, management training and/or mentoring and review and identification of business/manufacturing process improvements.

Sage Automation will review Wire By Click to develop a design and identify costs for a new process aimed at establishing manufacturing in South Australia and will conduct an evaluation for licensing in export markets and leveraging investment.

Efficientsee will conduct a detailed energy analysis and productivity review of RMax’s manufacturing facility in order to pin-point the opportunities for key efficiency gains in energy and raw materials.

MLK Accountancy and Prozess will review Williams Metal Fabrications’ manufacturing processes and costing “to enable an integrated financial management system that analyses and tracks manufacturing costs”.

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