Holden announces end of Cruze production, hundreds of jobs to go  

image credit: http://media.gm.com/

Holden has confirmed that it will cut nearly 400 jobs once it ceases production of its Cruze model by the end of this year.

image credit: http://media.gm.com/
image credit: http://media.gm.com/

In a statement issued last week, Holden said that its Elizabeth plant will continue to manufacture the world-class Commodore range until the end of 2017, while the Cruze will be replaced by the all-new and world-class Astra as part of the company’s plan to launch 24 new models by 2020.

“Every Holden worker has access to a suite of transition services and up to $3000 in approved training; all part of Holden’s $15 million contribution to the Federal Government’s Growth Fund for specific support of our manufacturing and engineering employees. All of our people have counselling services available to them, as well as career counselling, training and job searching assistance. All Holden employees at Elizabeth are entitled to this transition support, both before and after they eventually leave the company,” said Holden Executive Director of Human Resources, Ashley Winnett.

“The world-class ‘Transition Centre’ we have established at the Elizabeth plant is open to both our people and employees of supplier companies. We will do everything in our power to allow our people to make considered choices and help them move onto their next opportunity. Our people continue to do an amazing job on the production lines and in the offices of our Elizabeth factory. The team is currently building the best quality cars we have ever produced and our people’s dedication and professionalism is unwavering. They have much to be proud of.”

According to Holden Managing Director and Chairman Mark Bernhard, the end of Cruze production is part of the company’s gradual scaling down of production in Australia while it is recalibrating its vehicle portfolio.

“Our focus is to manage the gradual wind-down of manufacturing between now and the end of 2017 in a way that treats our employees with respect and dignity as they leave the company and gives them the best chance at gaining future employment. In the coming months, we will be helping many in our manufacturing workforce transition to new employment, wherever possible,” Mr Bernhard said.

“The best way we can honour our people and our heritage is to build a bright and successful future for Holden and that’s exactly what we are doing. Through the launch of 24 new products by 2020, a laser-like focus on customer experience and a rejuvenation of the Holden brand we are taking our company forward. The cessation of Cruze manufacturing this year was always a key part of Holden’s plan to gradually wind down manufacturing and ensure our people and the supply base have the maximum amount of time possible to transition. There is absolutely no change to our plan to build Commodore until the end of 2017.”