3D-printed electronics market to reach $7.9B in 2033, predicts AM Research

Image credit: Alex_Traksel/stock.adobe.com

A recently released report by Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), titled “3D Printed Electronics 2023: Market Study & Forecast,” has examined global markets for Additively Manufactured Electronics, also known as 3D Electronics Printing (3DEP).

In this industry, AMR projected the 3DEP market size to reach $300 million in 2023, with an impressive growth forecast to $7.9 billion by 2033, indicating a 10-year CAGR of 37 per cent.

According to the report, the 3DEP market is poised for substantial growth in the coming years, driven by advances in printing technology and platform capabilities.

The ongoing development and demonstration of 3D electronics printing applications are expected to fuel this expansion.

The report also delved into the value propositions of 3DEP, explored challenges to market growth, highlighted key players in the 3DEP sector, and provided comprehensive market data and forecasts.

In particular, it highlighted the value propositions associated with 3DEP, which include miniaturisation, allowing for smaller electronic components, design flexibility that enables creative and adaptable designs, reshoring and localisation in response to the growing trend of bringing manufacturing closer to home, and sustainability through reduced waste and energy consumption.

On the other hand, the report identified challenges that could hinder the growth of the 3DEP market. These challenges primarily revolve around the adoption of 3DEP technology across various industries and the ability to scale up production to meet the demands of large-volume manufacturing.

To address these challenges, major industry players are actively expanding their product portfolios and introducing new technologies to cater to the increasing demand from different industry verticals.

As for the industry landscape, it is currently characterised by consolidation, with a limited number of prominent players dominating the market.

This consolidation is expected to persist in the short to medium term. However, the emergence of low-cost 3DEP providers is gradually breaking down barriers for new entrants.

Currently, industrial 3DEP represents 30 per cent of the market share, but this figure is projected to experience substantial growth, reaching 75 per cent by the year 2033.

The report covered various companies and organisations, including but not limited to: Ceradrop, Nano Dimension, NeoTech, Optomec, FujiFilm, Voltera, BotFactory, nScrypt, J.A.M.E.S., NextFlex, ChemCubed, PV Nanocell, Panasonic, Additive Electronics, Nano3DPrint, and Notion Systems.

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