3D printing art therapy leads new age battle against mental disorders


Those who have had to endure a world of suffering at the hands of anxiety and neurosis know all too well just how disruptive it can be and how strongly it can affect one’s confidence and aspirations.

Image credit: flickr User: Dizingof
Image credit: flickr User: Dizingof

To combat this calamity, York Mind, a UK-based mental health organization and New Visuality, an art non-profit organization oriented toward helping those stricken with anxiety and neurosis, have devised a ground-breaking art therapy with the use of 3D printing.

According to the article on 3D Printing Industry, the art therapy, funded by the Joseph Rowntree foundation, gave a group of 15 people the opportunity to express their creative impulses through a series of 15 workshops in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, collage, and photography.

A few of the clients converted their two dimensional line drawings into 3D models using GoPrint3D printers. As part of the art therapy, the artwork created was exhibited at a pre-Christmas show staged by the clients themselves, and is now available for purchase at the New Visuality webstore.

“The workshops led by Ails McGee were very successful and all the clients who attended were very positive about them and wanted to do more. One client said that he appreciated the opportunity to experiment with new art forms. There was one client I spoke to previously who was extremely enthusiastic about the workshops and said it was the best group she had ever attended,” said Dan Brittan, Self Help and Activity Group Manager at York Mind.