ADE calls for adoption of innovative solutions for improved safety in mining and construction

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Brisbane engineering company, Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE) is urging mining and construction companies to consider more innovative ways of improving work place safety across their sites for National Safe Work Month this October.

22% of all work-related fatalities each year in Australia occur on mine and construction sites, and this year, 37 lives have been lost to work related incidents across both sectors.

These figures make for bleak reading, especially given the fact that they show increase in fatality rates across both sectors when compared to the 2015 numbers.

“Statistically, the mining and construction industries are two of the most dangerous areas to work in, particularly when there is the need to operate large machinery vehicles which account for a high percentage of incidents,” said Mr Clive Gray, General Manager/Director of ADE.

“While the mining industry is still in a flux with operations seeking alternative ways to cut costs, the health and safety of employees should always be a top consideration for all companies and there are innovative solutions out there designed specifically to resolve some of these very serious risks.”

Equipment operations, dust management, falls from heights and transportation on the surface constitute some of the major hazards associated with the mining industry.

Mr Gray, whose company’s core business is to provide safe and efficient solutions for the mining and construction industry, said the adoption of new systems and innovative products will improve potential dangerous work conditions in both sectors.

“Many may find it difficult to justify investments in new equipment for profitable processes but the complex conditions across both mining and construction sites require solutions that are adaptable to ensure employees are working in the safest conditions possible,” Mr Gray continued.

“Back in 2015, falls from height accounted for 15% of fatalities. We’ve developed access systems to ensure miners and construction workers are able to safely enter operator cabs and service points on high standing equipment, offering organisations with a safer means to access systems like loaders, excavators and drill rigs.”

“Those who are able to integrate innovative solutions, designed to address some of the key hazards onsite, to their current operations will see increases in safety, better workplace operations and increased productivity, and a better workplace for Australians in the resource industries.”

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