Digital Manufacturing Workshop at Swinburne University of Technology scheduled for next Wednesday

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A Digital Manufacturing Workshop, titled “A German approach for digital transformation in engineering and manufacturing within INDUSTRY 4.0” is scheduled to take place next Wednesday (February 22nd) at Swinburne University of Technology’s Advanced Technology Centre.

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The 4 hour workshop will be facilitated by Digital Manufacturing experts from Germany.

Professor Bronwyn Fox and Dr Raghu Ramakrishnan, Chief Technology Officer for Data, Microsoft (USA) will be speaking at the event, while Prof. Dr Markus Till from UAS Weingarten and Dr Stephan Rudolph from the University of Stuttgart will showcase examples from German industry guiding through capabilities of Design Language 43 and presenting potentials of efficiency through digital transformation.

“The topic of the 4 hour workshop is an introduction to digital life cycle modelling (aligned with Industry 4.0) and will provide an excellent forum for initiating applied research opportunities for your organisation,“ it says in the announcement from Swinburne University of Technology sent to Australian Manufacturing.

“The workshop will be facilitated by Digital Manufacturing experts from Germany introducing collaborative partners at the University of Stuttgart and Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences together representing an industry circle in Germany consisting of twelve companies (including Siemens, Porsche, ZF, MTU and a number of SME’s) to evaluate the results.”

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