Amaero to build world class Ti Powder plant in Australia


Advanced Manufacturer, Amaero International Limited (ASX: 3DA) will build a customised and proprietary titanium alloy powder manufacturing plant in Victoria, Australia.

The company, which specialises in metal additive manufacturing (3D printing), announced that it will construct what is expected to be the world’s most advanced titanium alloy gas atomisation powder manufacturing facility, to be installed and commissioned in Victoria, Australia.

According to an announcement from the company, using a proprietary Amaero developed specification, Amaero will construct a titanium alloy powder facility that will enable the production of aerospace grade titanium, ‘to the highest standards at approximately half the cost of the nearest competitor. The quality and cost position will provide Amaero with a distinct advantage to secure long term off take agreements for the powders, with the facility expected to produce annual revenues of approximately $30 million when fully operational,’ ASX Statement.

“Producing titanium alloy powder in Australia will provide a stable, secure and cost-effective supply, allowing defence and other sectors to continue to advance their 3D manufacturing capabilities. This project directly supports Amaero in delivering ongoing, significant, high margin revenues via a stable commodities market,” said Amaero International Limited CEO Barrie Finnin.

“Amaero has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a metal powder supply company that has established market channels for metal powder sales and we are now in the process of negotiating a collaborative distribution agreement. In addition, we have already received letters of support for this project from two of the five largest defence companies globally indicating strong potential demand for Ti64 powder from a competitive Australian source for specific commercial and military applications,” Mr Finn added.

For more information, please visit the ASX announcement.