AML3D metal 3D printing tech to support US Navy base

Image Provided: AML3D

Adelaide-based large-scale 3D metal printing company AML3D said it is set to sell its industrial ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing metal 3D printing system in a bid to scale up parts supply to the US Navy’s submarine industrial base.

The US DoD placed an order via procurement agent BlueForge Alliance for the large-scale metal 3D printing system. 

According to the company, the sale of the ARCEMY system is valued at approximately AUD$ 1 million (US$697,800), which will be paid upfront and in instalments as delivery and installation milestones are reached.

The system will be housed at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Facility, the largest energy and science laboratory in the US Department of Energy system and a significant partner of the US Navy and other international US clients.

Meanwhile, AML3D CEO Ryan Millar said AML3D is thrilled to support the US Navy’s submarine industrial base projects for the adoption of modern manufacturing technologies.

“This sale is a significant opportunity for AML3D, as it is part of a long-term strategic partnership with the US Navy helping them scale up submarine production with advanced additive manufacturing technology,” Millar noted.

Following receipt of BlueForge’s Authority to Proceed, the supply, shipping, installation, and commissioning of the system will start and are anticipated to be finished in 2023, according to AML3D.