Ansell expands market-leading cut protection portfolio with new HyFlex® gloves


Protective clothing manufacturer Ansell has announced the introduction of a new range of HyFlex gloves engineered with next-generation INTERCEPT Technology® yarns.

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“We are excited to launch Ansell’s INTERCEPT Technology which marks the industry’s first comprehensive product development platform for cut protection innovation,” said Scott Corriveau, President and General Manager of Ansell’s Industrial Global Business Unit.

“Customers look to Ansell to provide quality products, and this new, unrivalled technology brings game-changing enhancements to cut protection solutions in the marketplace, while providing great value for our global customers.”

According to the press release by Ansell, the INTERCEPT Technology cut resistance solutions are part of a portfolio of advanced technologies developed by the company, featuring an “innovative new knitting technology” which blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibres into high performance yarns.

“At Ansell, we believe everything starts with first understanding, and then meeting the critical needs of end-users, which revolve around performance, protection and comfort. Through the discovery and development process for INTERCEPT Technology, we learned invaluable insights and have created a portfolio of protection solutions that meet the safety needs of today’s global industrial workers,” said Darryl Nazareth, Senior Vice President of research and development for the Ansell Industrial Global Business Unit.

“The INTERCEPT platform will allow us to enhance future generations of cut protection products and technologies that respond to changing workplace safety needs.”

Ansell’s new offering consists of eight new cut-resistant medium and light duty INTERCEPT glove styles, which provide the exceptional comfort and dexterity required by the world’s most demanding industrial workplaces. Offered in EN cut level 3, 4 and 5, and ANSI equivalent cut protection style, Ansell’s new range of HyFlex gloves is complementing what was already a comprehensive portfolio of cut protection options.

According to tests conducted in Ansell R&D labs, the four new light duty styles are nitrile based and eight times more breathable than similar lightweight gloves and two and a half times more breathable than other cut protection gloves. New engineered fibres not only offer protection against cut risks but also provide all day comfort for increased worker compliance.

“These new HyFlex cut protection gloves also offer enhanced features such as a silicon-free coating, dirt masking colours, a more tailored comfortable fit, and improved grip and abrasion resistance. The portfolio features the industry’s most comprehensive selection of application-specific styles, which are grounded in global insights about the unmet needs of workers who experience application-specific work process risks,” reads the press release.

“The continued evolution of the HyFlex product line reflects ongoing global research among safety officers, operations managers, purchasing agents and workers through the Ansell Worker Experience Innovation program. These new HyFlex cut protection gloves will be available in select markets around the world beginning in April 2015.”

Ansell launched its HyFlex brand in 1996 and has since become the world’s best-selling precision assembly glove. Last month, the company unveiled the HyFlex 11-926 gloves, which are ideal for a number of industries, including automotive and auto OEM, electrical machinery, metal fabrication, power tools, and transportation equipment.