Archer Materials shares developments in proprietary qubit processor technology

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Advanced semiconductor company Archer Materials has provided shareholders with updates on its 12CQ quantum computing chip technology innovation. 

The project seeks to integrate Archer’s propriety qubit material with mobile-compatible devices designed for industrial-scale semiconductor nanofabrication. 

The chip is a world-first qubit processor technology that is expected to allow for quantum computing-powered mobile devices. 

In a press release, Archer said it conducted 3D Electrostatic Finite Element Modelling in conjunction with in-house software development relevant to the company’s qubit material. The modelling is intended to mimic quantum electronic device architectures related to qubit control.

“The results of the advanced simulations provides Archer with an initial avenue to designing qubit devices in a form suitable for scalable processing, and importantly, using existing chip production equipment found in many industrial semiconductor manufacturing foundries,” said Archer CEO Mohammad Choucair. 

The company said it will need to collaborate with industrial-scale manufacturers in the global semiconductor supply chain to scale the fabrication of 12CQ chip devices and components. Devices modelling and simulations will be used to determine which commercial foundries could help enhance the company’s future fabrication. 

Archer’s scientific breakthrough that led to the realisation of its 12CQ qubit material is currently available online in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications

Archer is the only ASX-listed company and one of the few players in the world developing qubit processor technology, according to the company’s media statement.