ARM Hub unveils new research fellowship program to make R&D easier for businesses

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The Advanced Manufacturing for Robotics Hub (ARM Hub) has launched a new Industry-led Research Fellowship program that will foster collaborations between industry and academics to create real solutions for Australian business. 

The ARM Hub has issued a call for expressions of interest from companies seeking to use robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, or design to solve challenges in their fields. 

Dr Cori Stewart, chief executive of ARM Hub, said the research fellowships are a great way for industry to find innovative solutions to recognised challenges. 

“A fellowship is an arrangement whereby a researcher (called a Fellow) is dedicated to a project. Companies engage Fellows to develop tailored solutions to their unique challenges. In this case, we are looking for companies who have a problem that could be overcome with robotics, AI, data analytics, or design,” Stewart said. 

“This is an industry-led research program, which means that we are focused on solutions that lead to real outcomes for industry and advance Australia’s manufacturing sector.”

Research fellowships under the program can run from six to four years, depending on the needs of the company and the complexity of the project. 

“Half of the costs of a Fellow are met by the ARM Hub and its partners, so it is a cost-effective way of accessing world-class experts and cutting-edge research,” Stewart said. 

The ARM Hub is a robotics, AI, and design-for-manufacture industry hub that brings robotics and AI solutions to Australian businesses to help drive productivity, enhance competitiveness, and increase their profitability. 

Australian businesses have until 21 January 2024 to submit their EOIs through the ARM Hub website.