Aussie small-cap joins global IBM Q Network

Archer CEO, Dr Mohammad Choucair (left) , Archer Quantum Technology Manager Dr. Martin Fuechsle (right). Image Provided
Media Release

Archer Materials Limited (“Archer”, ASX:AXE”) has announced that it has signed an agreement with International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”, “NYSE: IBM”) to become the first Australian company building a quantum computing chip to join the IBM Q Network, a global community of visionary companies at the forefront of quantum computing.

Archer is in the process of building its 12CQ quantum computing chip, which is different to all the chip types currently being developed because it uses a carbon-based material that has the proven potential to enable chip operation at room-temperature as well as integration onboard portable devices.

The successful development of the 12CQ chip could potentially overcome low operating temperature limitations of qubits and would represent a breakthrough solution to the widespread use and ownership of quantum computing powered technology.

As an ecosystem partner of the IBM Q Network, Archer will gain access to IBM’s quantum computing expertise and resources to enable a broader hardware ecosystem using Qiskit, IBM’s open-source software development framework. Archer will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the network, to fast-track its own chip development.

Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “We are looking forward to working with the diverse members of the global IBM Q Network, a group of the very best organisations at the forefront of quantum computing.

“Ultimately, we want consumers and businesses to be one of the first beneficiaries of this exciting technology, and now that we are collaborating with IBM, it greatly increases our chances of success” Dr Choucair concluded.

Director of the IBM Q Network Dr. Anthony Annunziata said: “The open-source Qiskit quantum computing framework was designed to be extensible, and to support research beyond IBM Quantum systems. Our collaboration with Archer will be a great example of the combination of Qiskit’s flexibility, integrating with different quantum hardware to accomplish the goal of enabling practical quantum computing applications”.

As a result of the agreement, Archer and IBM will seek mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities to advance quantum computing.
Archer is one of few companies globally that provides investors an on-market opportunity to invest in quantum computing and news of the agreement comes as another indication of Australia’s significant global standing amongst quantum computing pioneers.

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