Australian government issues latest papers for safe and responsible AI

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The Albanese government is rolling out additional measures to ensure the safe and responsible growth of artificial intelligence with the release of two papers on the development of critical technologies.

The government has published the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia Discussion Paper, which outlines existing regulatory and governance responses in Australia and overseas and identifies gaps, as well as several measures to strengthen the framework governing the safe and responsible use of AI. 

The paper builds on the Labor Government’s commitment to safe and responsible AI, according to a media release issued by Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic

Meanwhile, the National Science and Technology Council released the Rapid Response Report: Generative AI, which evaluates the potential risks and opportunities in relation to AI, providing a scientific basis for discussions about the way forward. 

The papers are intended to spearhead the consideration of whether the regulatory and governance mechanisms Australia has already established are fit for purpose. 

“Using AI safely and responsibly is a balancing act the whole world is grappling with at the moment,” Minister Husic said. “The upside is massive, whether it’s fighting superbugs with new AI-developed antibiotics or preventing online fraud.

The Albanese Government has allocated a total of $41 million in the most recent budget for the responsible development of AI through the National AI Centre and a new responsible AI Adopt program for small and medium enterprises. 

“Today is about what we do next to build trust and public confidence in these critical technologies,” Husic added. 

To access the consultation documents for the Government’s Safe and Responsible AI in Australia Discussion Paper and The National Science and Technology Council’s paper Rapid Response Report: Generative AI, visit

Consultation for the papers closes on 26 July.