Australian Made and the Minogue Sisters – a ‘Genuine Aussie’ pairing

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Media Release by Australian Made Campaign

Australian icons, Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue have teamed up with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) to help educate consumers in the UK and USA to spot authentic Australian products. The light-hearted ‘Genuine Aussie’ social media campaign sees the famous Australian sisters assess each other’s Aussie credentials to ultimately be judged a ‘Genuine Aussie’, just like the products that carry the Australian Made logo – the famous green and gold kangaroo.

While both have been long-time supporters of Australia across their many endeavours, it’s the first time the sisters have joined forces to support such an initiative. “We love Australia and enjoy championing its positive reputation overseas,” said the pair. “This campaign is a fun way to help consumers in the UK and USA to spot the genuine article when they choose to buy Australian.”

The Genuine Aussie social media campaign is part of a broader initiative to promote and protect the Australian Made logo in export markets. “We are thrilled to have passionate Australians, such as Kylie and Dannii help spread the Australian Made message overseas,” said Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro. “The Minogue sisters are genuine Aussie icons who continue to elevate Australia’s reputation overseas.”

Developed by agency, day&age, the Genuine Aussie campaign features a recent video chat between the Minogue sisters, with Kylie dialling in from London to Dannii in Melbourne. During the online catch-up, the sisters share in some classic Aussie banter with Dannii questioning whether Kylie has maintained her ‘Australianness’ while away from home—of course Kylie passes with flying colours earning the ‘Genuine Aussie’ stamp of approval. The campaign includes a targeted roll-out across Facebook and Instagram in the UK and USA. Viewers in these markets will have the opportunity to access a bespoke landing page featuring information about the Australian Made logo with the option of finding and purchasing genuine Aussie products that carry the iconic brand.

According to Horizon Consumer Science*, 97% of overseas consumers have a positive first impression of the logo, with 72% becoming intrigued about the products once they saw the logo and 85% confident products carrying the logo are genuinely Australian. Overseas consumers’ biggest motivations to buy Australian products are quality, reputation and ethical standards.

The Genuine Aussie social media campaign is funded by a multi-year Federal Government grant designed to increase the international profile of the Australian Made logo and strengthen its legal position in key export markets.

*Horizon Consumer Science (2020) survey of 4,404 participants across Canada, China, France, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America.