Australian Made slams State and Federal Governments over failed GST agreement


    The Australian Made Campaign has voiced great concerns with regard to the decision by State and Federal Government Treasurers to defer dealing with the issue of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) not applying to online purchases of imported goods costing less than $1000.

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    According to the media release by Australian made, Chief Executive Ian Harrison branded the situation as “unacceptable” and “discriminating against Australian retailers” and called for immediate abolition of the tax-free threshold.

    “This should not be a political issue. The $1000 threshold– below which GST is not payable on imported goods purchases online– is simply a case of Australian taxation law discriminating against Australian retailers, and through that, Australian manufacturers,” Mr Harrison said.

    “It is a ridiculous and unsustainable policy position to maintain. State vs. Federal politics should not be allowed to interfere with the urgent need to remove this unfair and unjust impost on Australian businesses.”

    Australian Made has been trying to get politicians to abolish or reduce the tax-free threshold since 2012.

    State and Federal Governments held a meeting last week to iron out the differences and come up with a solution but were unable to agree on a way to extend the reach of the GST.