Australian Made welcomes the Small Business Mentoring Service as a Campaign Associate

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Media Release

The Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) is partnering with the Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) to support the growth of Australian small businesses.

An independent, not-for-profit association, SBMS works with small businesses to provide low-cost advice through their comprehensive business mentoring programs.

Founded in 1986 by retired business leaders, SBMS has grown to more than 180 experienced business mentors providing over 5000 mentoring sessions a year and supporting an ever-growing number of small business owners, including Australian manufacturers and producers.

According to SBMS, the cumulative benefit of the businesses supported has delivered more than $12.5 billion to the Australian economy.

David Gregory, Chief Executive Officer and Director of SBMS, said “You don’t get big business without medium-sized businesses and you don’t get medium without small. SBMS helps small businesses deal with any issues that they need help with, including management, finance, marketing, social media, OH&S, or even starting a new business. We are proud to partner with the Australian Made Campaign to highlight great Australian small businesses, manufacturers and their products.”

“Manufacturers and growers are key contributors to Australia’s small business community and are fundamental to our economic success,” said Ben Lazzaro, Australian Made Chief Executive.

“They create jobs and are often leaders of innovation, creating Aussie products of the highest quality, sought after here and in overseas markets.”

Australian Made looks forward to supporting SBMS and its members with improved access to Australia’s most recognised, trusted and widely used country of origin symbol—the Australian Made logo. It’s a third-party accreditation system which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as ‘authentically Australian’.

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