Australians urged to shape future of mining industry through national survey

Image credit: CSIRO

Australians aged 18 and above are encouraged to participate in a survey aimed at influencing the trajectory of mining research in the country in a bid to gauge public sentiment and insights regarding the mining sector.

Commissioned by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, the survey is conducted by Voconiq and seeks to delve into the attitudes and perceptions of Australians towards the mining industry in the contemporary context.

Building upon previous surveys conducted in 2014 and 2017, which yielded significant insights into public expectations regarding mining practices, this latest initiative aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape.

According to the agency, the survey presents a unique opportunity for all Australians, regardless of their affiliation with the mining industry, to voice their opinions on various aspects, including mining’s role in the national economy, its contribution to global energy transitions, its impact on global development, and its significance in producing materials for low-emission technologies.

Dr Rob Hough, CSIRO’s director of Mineral Resources, emphasised the crucial role of mining in facilitating the transition towards low-emission technologies and global development.

“Mining plays a crucial role in producing the materials necessary for the transition to low emission technologies, global electrification and global development in general, and conversations generated from surveys like this will help shape the industry’s future, balancing its growth with community expectations,” Dr Hough remarked.

He highlighted the importance of fostering dialogue to align industry growth with community expectations.

“Your insights will be instrumental in guiding our ongoing research,” Dr Hough affirmed.

The survey results will serve as a foundational framework for informing future research initiatives related to the mining sector.

CSIRO said it intends to utilise the findings to generate public reports and academic publications that contribute to the body of knowledge in this field.

The survey, now open for participation, is accessible to all Australians aged 18 and above who hold opinions on mining-related matters.

Participants can expect the survey to take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The survey will remain open for participation until 11 April 2024, providing ample time for interested parties to share their valuable perspectives.