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How tighter financial management enables manufacturing CFOs to mitigate risks better

In today’s volatile economic climate, marked by rapid technological advancements and unpredictable macroeconomic headwinds, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the manufacturing sector has never been more critical. 

Micro moulding and the future of biomedical applications

In the dynamic medical field, micro moulding has increasingly become the foundation for innovation, particularly in the creation of cutting-edge biomedical devices.

AI and manufacturing: why AI is not an either-or decision

If we distilled the common objectives for manufacturing in this country the priorities that surfaced would no doubt centre on greater productivity, more sustainable processes and the ability to keep pace with market leaders and be globally competitive. 

Rebuilt vs Reman – what’s the difference?

By 2030, there will be nine billion people on earth who will need to be fed, clothed and housed. 

Australians urged to shape future of mining industry through national survey

Australians aged 18 and above are encouraged to participate in a survey aimed at influencing the trajectory of mining research in the country in a bid to gauge public sentiment and insights regarding the mining sector.

The importance of material selection in micro moulding applications

In the precision-demanding realm of micromoulding, the selection of appropriate materials is not merely a step in the manufacturing process, it’s the cornerstone upon which the performance and reliability of the final product rest.

From design to perfection: Streamlining additive manufacturing through advanced post-processing techniques

Additive manufacturing (AM) has witnessed an exponential surge in recent years. The process's ability to manufacture complex geometries, customised parts, and intricate designs is unparalleled.

Bridging the Industry 4.0 Gap in Asia Pacific’s Manufacturing Sector

The past few years have been challenging for manufacturers in APAC. The COVID-19 pandemic brought supply chain disruptions, government restrictions, and heightened uncertainty around demand and supply.

Micro Molding – Place the focus on outcomes

For customers looking to embrace the possibilities that exist through the micro molding of parts or components, there is a given.

Three fundamentals needed to rebuild Australia’s manufacturing sector

A new National Reconstruction Fund recently announced by the Federal Government aims to build a future made in Australia, with a specific focus on identifying and investing in manufacturing technologies that will help the nation transition to net zero emissions.  

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SAP S/4HANA’s role in sustainable manufacturing

For business leaders in the Australian manufacturing industry, digital transformation is not just a buzzword—it is a necessity to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge in operational efficiency.