Australia’s caravan and camping industry creates “trifecta of growth” for the country

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Australia’s caravan and motorhome manufacturing industry has grown consistently in recent years, culminating in its highest production levels in 37 years.

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The caravan and motorhome manufacturers are increasing production to meet continued consumer demand, which is reflected in the substantial growth in caravan registrations reported in ABS’ latest report.

ABS said there are now 554,540 caravans registered in Australia, which represents a 4.9% increase in new registrations compared to the previous year’s result. According to the report, campervans registrations have also registered a significant growth of 4.3% on prior year’s figures.

Commenting on the report, the Caravan Industry Association of Australia said the country’s caravan and camping industry – the fastest growing commercially–operated accommodation sector – created a trifecta of growth the whole nation can benefit from.

“The manufacturers are producing increasing numbers of recreational vehicles, consumers are purchasing and registering recreational vehicles in greater numbers, and caravan and camping tourists are out there enjoying the great Australian holiday more than ever before,” the Association said in a media statement.

“The current conditions are the perfect storm, creating far-reaching opportunities for the entire country. It isn’t just the caravanning and camping industry that wins here, it’s the local communities who benefit from jobs created and the vast range of businesses that service the visitor economy. And of course, the tourists who continue to enjoy the unique Australian experiences that the caravanning and camping lifestyle delivers.”

It said the backdrop to all the positive growth is low fuel prices and historically low interest rates, encouraging discretionary expenditure from domestic consumers.

“This is further supported by the declining value of the dollar contributing to more Australians holidaying at home, creating the robust era in caravanning and camping with the potential to introduce new consumers to the experience as well as reconnecting with existing markets who may have holidayed internationally in the past,” reads the statement.