Australia’s only sink manufacturer teams up with Ailytic to improve operational efficiency

Oliveri Australia's all of pressed stainless steel sinks are made in their Regency Park manufacturing plant.
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Tasman Sinkware, operating under the Oliveri brand name, has teamed up with Australian software company Ailytic to improve the manufacturing efficiency of its South Australian plant through the increased adoption of cutting edge automation, artificial intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Oliveri Australia’s all of pressed stainless steel sinks are made in their Regency Park manufacturing plant.
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John Woodcock, Tasman’s General Manager Operations, said the company’s ethos of innovation and continuous development aligned perfectly with Ailytic‘s strive to achieve excellence in plant performance by utilising real-time metrics, artificial intelligence and automation.

“Tasman Sinkware and the Oliveri name is an iconic and important brand in Australia and overseas. We continuously strive to innovate and manufacture our range as efficiently as possible and as a result improve the customer’s experience” Mr Woodcock said.

“We chose Ailytic to pilot some key technologies that are on the cutting edge and liked their rapid deployment suite of intelligent decision systems including wireless smart factory sensors, scheduling and optimisation software. These will enable our focus on improved real time metrics, operational control and forward decision making about what to produce day in day out considering increasing demand.”

Ailytic’s CEO James Balzary said Ailytic’s capability reduces time to value by turning operations staff into analysts with easy modelling of complex operational environments.

“Traditional manufacturing industries including small to medium sized businesses now have potential to utilise technologies previously only available to larger companies due to cost and complexity,” he added.

“Tasman Sinkware have done an amazing job streamlining operations, reducing cost and becoming more energy efficient and now it is about replacing legacy processes with automated and optimised systems that can empower operators and management to make more informed decisions. These capabilities can be deployed in hours and instantly deliver insights that increase efficiency and reduce costs”.

Headquartered at Regency Park in Adelaide, Tasman Sinkware manufactures a range of leading sinks for the Australian and overseas markets.

Over the years, the company introduced precision technology to their stainless steel sink manufacturing process with the installation of some of the World’s most sophisticated processing equipment.

Its sinks are produced according to stringent safety conditions and environmental regulations under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA 2166).