AWU welcomes the NSW Government’s recognition of the ‘Future of Gas’

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Media Release

The Australian Workers’ Union’ has welcomed the NSW Government’s ‘Future of Gas Statement,’ which has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the Narrabri gas project as well as increasing pipeline infrastructure to provide access to markets.

The Statement aims to provide industry, regional communities and farmers on the role gas will play in supporting economic prosperity and future land use for gas exploration.

AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton said the Future of Gas Statement was an important clarification of the important role gas had to play in the future of the state.

“The Narrarbi gas project has the potential to help Australian workers in a range of ways and I’m glad to see the NSW Government commit to these today,” Mr Walton said.

“Connecting NSW directly to the Australian Gas Supply Hub in Wallumbilla will be a crucial move, given the current pipeline has been at capacity during the current high market.

“Crucially, the AWU has long emphasised the important and special role gas has in supporting manufacturing. We are therefore very happy to see ‘a Special Activation Precinct (SAP)’ at Narrabri underway to enable opportunities for energy-intensive manufacturing, like fertiliser and plastics manufacturing, to be located near a secure and reliable gas supply.

“Gas from Narrabri can complement renewable energy initiatives by firming the grid, and the strict regulations will ensure all production is harmonious with other nearby land uses.

“We also welcome the commitment to invest in opportunities for the use of hydrogen in hybrid with natural gas and eventually as a replacement fuel.”

Mr Walton said while the bulk of the Statement was positive, the continued commitment to LNG important terminals remained confusing.

“Australia has abundant gas reserves. The idea that we would be setting up facilities to ‘import’ gas via ships is bizarre and future Australians will scratch their heads that this concept was entertained,” Mr Walton said.

“Australian buyers should not have to ‘import’ gas the same way gas-poor nations in our region have to. Local manufactures are lucky enough to operate in a country with abundant gas, they just need their governments to introduce measures to shore up affordable supply.”