BAE Systems to supply 500 electric-hybrid systems to Canada’s ATUQ consortia

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BAE Systems will supply nearly 500 electric-hybrid systems to Canada’s ATUQ consortia under a five year agreement announced on Tuesday.

ATUQ, which represents the nine Quebec public transportation organisations serving the major urban centres of the province, has ordered 497 electric-hybrid buses using the BAE Systems Series-E electric drive propulsion system.

Bob Lamanna, global accounts manager at BAE Systems, said the order adds to ATUQ’s more than 900 electric hybrids powered by BAE Systems technology.

“The additional system orders validate the success of our product in the transit market and the need for electrified buses in Canada,” Mr Lamanna stated.

ATUQ’s new order of buses will also include the anti-idling feature decreasing fuel and emissions at stops, electrically powered heaters for less maintenance, and the ability to turn off the diesel engine in specified areas to create zero-emission driving zones.

According to BAE Systems, the aforementioned contract also includes an option for up to 1,028 additional systems.

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