BOC completes $35m upgrade of its Western Sydney manufacturing site


BOC Australia has completed a $35 million upgrade of its Western Sydney manufacturing site that will significantly expand the company’s specialty gasses capability.

BOC invested $20 million in a new specialty gasses facility and a further $15 million in a world-first automation system that was deployed at its Sydney Operations Centre in Wetherill Park.

John Evans, BOC South Pacific Managing Director, said the facility will increase BOC’s capacity to supply over 8,000 high purity and specialty gases to many high value industries in Australia ranging from science and medical research, to manufacturing and energy exports.

“BOC is proud to be expanding our specialty gases capability to meet future demand for high precision gas mixtures and support Australia’s vibrant research and knowledge-based economy as it continues to grow,” Mr Evans said.

“With leading edge laboratory technology and a highly experienced team of chemists, the new facility offers the best in quality, precision and safety – allowing BOC to supply many scientific and calibration gases in almost half the time and at higher packaging pressures.”

He said BOC’s new robot cylinder automation system has transformed the way cylinders are sorted, picked and moved around the busy production site.

“The system is a world-first application of a six-axis robot combined with four turntables that can see, pickup and handle cylinders,” Mr Evans continued.

“The launch of this cylinder automation system is a landmark moment for BOC, driving a competitive advantage, and representing a significant safety investment for the Sydney Operations Centre, which produces more than 1.3 million cylinders each year.”

“Designed with global experts and local engineers, the system integrates advanced laser vision technologies, automated guide vehicles, robots and 3D cameras – which has successfully automated manual handling processes and introduced new skills of the future into BOC’s workforce.”

Professor Dr Aldo Belloni, CEO of The Linde Group which owns BOC, said this world-first automation system was a clear example of the cutting-edge innovation for which The Group is globally recognised.

“Innovation is in our DNA. The Linde Group pride ourselves on being the world leaders in innovation in the gases industry, and BOC in Australia is leading the new era of automation,” he continued.

“With the addition of the new world class special gases facility, the Sydney Operations Centre is not only one of the busiest production sites within the Linde Group but is now at the forefront of integration and automation in production globally.”

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