Boeing unveils revolutionary autonomous submarine that can operate on its own for months

Echo Voyager Image credit:

Ever since the 1960’s Boeing has been developing underwater vehicles; last week the company unveiled a new type of autonomous submarine that can operate underwater for months.

Echo Voyager Image credit:
Echo Voyager Image credit:

The Echo Voyager has been specifically designed to autonomously gather data underwater for scientific, military or other purposes.

Thanks to its revolutionary rechargeable power system, the Echo Voyager can conduct missions that last for months. The system allows the sub to recharge and remain submerged underwater for at least six months.

Another great feature of this incredible unmanned super-submarine is the fact that it doesn’t need to be launched and recovered with support ships.

“Echo Voyager is a new approach to how unmanned undersea vehicles will operate and be used in the future,” said Darryl Davis, president, Boeing Phantom Works.

“Our investments in innovative technologies such as autonomous systems are helping our customers affordably meet mission requirements now and in the years to come.”

According to the official announcement by Boeing, the Echo Voyager will begin sea trials off the California coast later this summer.

“Echo Voyager can collect data while at sea, rise to the surface, and provide information back to users in a near real-time environment,” said Lance Towers, director, Sea & Land, Boeing Phantom Works.

“Existing UUVs require a surface ship and crew for day-to-day operations. Echo Voyager eliminates that need and associated costs.”