‘Build a Life in WA’ campaign extends global reach to construction and manufacturing workers

Image credit: mediastatements.wa.gov.au

The Western Australian government is expanding its “Build a Life in WA” initiative globally to help attract skilled workers to WA and address workforce shortages across industries. 

The campaign, which was launched in 2021, sought to foster skilled workers in Ireland and the United Kingdom after having previously focused on Australian citizens. 

WA needs to fill positions in the construction and manufacturing industries, which have been experiencing significant growth, along with the state’s booming economy. 

The multiplatform campaign is part of the WA government’s Skills Summit in 2021 and is aimed at attracting workers to move to WA and fill vacant jobs. 

The project initially targeted interstate construction and manufacturing workers before an expansion into New Zealand. An additional 194 occupations have been added to the Graduate Occupation List, taking the total number of listed occupations to 331, according to a media statement issued by the WA government. 

“What makes Western Australia so attractive compared to other states is that we have the highest annual salary and the lowest average mortgage – so if you want to earn a good wage while paying less on your home then you should look at WA,” said Premier Mark McGowan.