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High quality, built to last trailers for all your domestic, agricultural & commercial needs. From box, flatbeds and tipper trailers to refrigerated, boat and machine transporters. We have it all.
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We develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers, with a high demand on quality, safety and reliability. Variant trailers are innovative.

Tyres - All our toilet trailers use E4 rated tubeless radials. Our tyres are C rated for fuel efficiency, driving in wet conditions and sound rating ' Medium '

Suspension - Our trailers use either suspension system or axle leaf spring systems for greater road stability. These are used in conjunction with either solid steel beam axles or rubber & steel compression axles

Braking - All Our trailers use spread-lever braking and auto reverse within. With the overrun system – the hydraulically dampened overrun control device is made up of six main elements that control the braking whilst moving or parked. . No more need for electric actuators - Our trailers can be used on any vehicle with a tow bar and designed to take the weight capacity.

Safety Skid - The safety skid is an integral feature of the cast housing and protect the overrun and handbrake lever from damage from sleeping policemen, dirt roads, off track and other objects under the trailer.

Night Light - All our trailers come as standard with white reverse light lenses for safe reversing and rear reversing cameras. It also illuminates the area in the direction you want people to be aware of your driving.

Night Safety - Our trailers come with safety white reflectors to the front, amber reflectors to the sides and red to the rear as standard. These are for safety at night when parked and unhitched and in order that the trailers are fully visible from all sides to oncoming vehicles.

Coupling - Whether It's a 2000kg, 2700kg or 3500kg rated hitch, all our hitch/couplings have a locking catch for greater security Whether on a journey or in a parked position. All Trailers have an easy to use independent handbrake system built alongside the extra strong coupling.

Strength - It is vital for you to have absolute confidence in your trailer, particularly when your operating day depends on it too. That's why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe. Our tried-and-tested welding technology makes us unique in being able to supply transport solutions that have got what it takes.

Main Address
1, 2-6 Bonnal Road Erina, NSW, 2250
02 4367 0026
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