hair removal

Beauty Science
Business Name: Beauty Science
Brief Description: Beauty Science’s beauty experts are all ready to serve you with the most exclusive beauty solutions. Now you do not need to worry about all the unwanted happening on your body or skin because we can make a fine deal with all of this fuss. We are providing organic facials, facial rejuvenation, omnilux to bless your face with perfect beauty on the other hand our hair removal services include waxing, sugaring and IPL hair removing. We are also delivering the best ever body treatment namely Tuscan spray Tan to make you perfect for the summer. Contact us at (03) 9427 1111 or (03) 9569 6911.
Results Laser Clinic
Business Name: Results Laser Clinic
Brief Description: With years and years of experience, Results Laser Clinic can offer you the most recent, state of the art treatments for laser hair removal. Results Laser hair removal clinic has the most trustworthy and most advanced technology on the marketplace!
Our Laser Hair Removal Techniques are the very best! We don’t use IPL for laser hair removal and our technology is simultaneously the strongest for hair removal and the gentlest on your skin. Visit for more info.