Campbell’s Soup Australia wins top honour at inaugural Soft Tissue Centre Awards


Campbell’s Soup Australia has won the first Soft Tissue Centre (STC) Gold Star Award for employee health and wellness after recording zero Lost Time Injuries for each of the past three years (no productive work time lost due to injury) and just one injury for each of the past two years.


The STC Silver Award went to Greater Shepparton City Council while the Bronze was awarded to CGT Ballarat Gold Mine.

Greater Shepparton City Council had just three WorkCover claims in the past year,  a 40% fall in days lost due to injury and a 53% decrease in reported injuries. STC has been working with GSCC for almost three years.

CGT Ballarat Gold Mine had a 76% drop in days lost due to injury in the past 12 months, a 50% fall in WorkCover claims and a 44% decrease in cases involving lost time. STC has been working with CGT Ballarat Gold Mine for the past year.

The Soft Tissue Centre (STC) is a Gisborne-based health management service specialising in supporting employees in the workplace. Founded in 2000, it focuses in prevention, early intervention and innovative treatment of work-related musculoskeletal injuries. Today it works with employees and employers at 60 sites across Australia.

STC Founder and Managing Director, Dr James Murray said the STC Awards were established to recognise outstanding achievement in workplace health and wellbeing.

“Our approach is the sports model, keeping everyone on the field for the duration of the game. Campbell’s Soup Australia is certainly doing that, zero lost time injuries for the past three years. This is an outstanding result and proof that it can be achieved,” Dr Murray said.

“Greater Shepparton City Council and CGT Ballarat Gold Mine have achieved significant reductions in WorkCover claims, injuries and time lost due to injury. They are fast becoming leaders in their field. There can be health, wellness and productivity in the workplace. It is achievable. Commercial success does not have to come at the expense of employee health. In fact, employee health and wellness are the key to success.”

Dr Murray will present the awards to the companies at a morning tea in Shepparton, on 16 September.