Cardia Bioplastics expands manufacturing operations in Nanjing, China


Sustainable resins producer Cardia Bioplastics has announced that it has expanded its manufacturing operations through moving to an upgraded purpose-built facility in Nanjing, China.

Image credit: Cardia Bioplastics
Image credit: Cardia Bioplastics

The move will see the company increase its bag production capacity to 100 million bags per year.

According to the news release by Cardia, the company has installed three new film extrusion and bag making lines, while the Cardia Board has approved the purchase of six additional film extrusion and bag making lines to meet Cardia’s current order pipeline.

“We are thrilled with our new manufacturing facility in Nanjing. We are now poised to deliver the increasing orders that we have been receiving, whilst further growing the business. The factory is also a win for the local area with 40 jobs being created through the move,” said Cardia Bioplastics China General Manager Jackie Chen.

“The move to the new factory could not have come at a better time, with the growing demand for sustainable bags and products with a lower carbon footprint, driven by consumers, brand owners, governments and municipals our Biohybrid™ and Compostable bags and films are a quality solution. Following the success of both Interzoo and APAS trade fairs we have committed to the purchase of six additional new film extrusion and bag making lines to meet further increased orders, doubling our current production capacity to meet demand,” said Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Dr Frank Glatz.

In-house production of Cardia’s finished product range significantly improves production efficiency, quality and turnaround times of customer orders while also lowering manufacturing costs.

“This is a major milestone for Cardia because it underpins the company’s capability to manufacture high quality finished products including Biohybrid™ and Compostable bags, film and custom products at a lower cost. The move to vertically integrate our business means we can better control supply to our customers and this will support our growth strategy moving forward,” said Cardia Bioplastics Chairman Richard Tegoni.