ClearVue secures repeat solar glazing order from System USA

Image credit: ClearVue

ClearVue has secured a second order from System USA, valued at approximately AUD $175,000, for its advanced solar glazing technology. 

The new order will facilitate the creation of a demonstrator greenhouse, showcasing ClearVue’s technology for sustainable agriculture practices, the company said in an ASX announcement.  

Martin Deil, Global CEO of ClearVue Technologies, emphasised the strategic importance of the US market for solar greenhouses.

“The global market for solar greenhouses is a critical part of our growth strategy. Our immediate focus is on the US market where we can leverage government incentives for renewable energy solutions in agriculture,” he noted.

Deil added, “We are thrilled to extend our relationship with System USA, a company that’s paving the way for sustainable agriculture. This repeat order validates our technology and strengthens our relationship with a key player in the US greenhouse industry.”

Meanwhile, Peter Fryn, president of System USA, echoed the sentiment of collaboration and innovation.

“Our experience with ClearVue’s solar glazing technology has clearly been positive. We are excited to further integrate ClearVue’s solutions into our greenhouse projects. This second order marks another step forward in our partnership and commitment to sustainable agriculture.”

ClearVue’s solar glazing products are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of construction and offer energy cost savings, making them an attractive option for the agricultural sector.

According to the company, the technology enables sustainable, year-round crop production while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering energy costs.