Concrete product manufacturer Crosbe celebrates 10th anniversary with new product launch

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Australian manufacturer of cementitious grouts Crosbe is celebrating 10 years in business with the launch of a new product called InfraGrout 100, designed to reach a broader range of projects in the civil market.

Company founder and Managing Director Albert Haddad says he is proud of what his R&D-focused company has achieved over the last ten years including growing a range of products designed for specific applications.

“InfraGrout 100 builds on the success of the Crosbe InfraGrout range, including the premium InfraGrout 110. We developed the new product to fill a gap in the market that was identified by talking to our regular customers,” said Haddad.

“Our existing product, InfraGrout 110 is a premium product approved for use by a number of transport authorities on major infrastructure projects. There are grouting applications such as temporary anchors that do not call for the same stringent specifications as infrastructure projects, but still require a grout that is fit for purpose. That’s where our new InfraGrout 100 can present better value for money. We actually introduced this product a few months ago and it has been well received by the market,” said Haddad.

InfraGrout 100 is a high-strength, high-flow, low-bleed, pumpable cementitious grout with extended working time. It has been specifically designed for general civil applications, including grouting of ground anchors, temporary anchors, and soil nails.

“As an Australian manufacturer that undertakes all its own R&D in our premises at Seven Hills, we are able to develop products that suit the Australian market.

“We work with our customers who are principally construction managers, building project managers, civil engineers, project engineers and quality engineers who tell us that in many cases general-purpose cement is being used on jobs with the addition of liquid additives during mixing.

“In the laboratory, our team of industrial chemists has proven that InfraGrout 100 has significant performance advantages. Results have shown that general-purpose cement and liquid additive mixes can produce inconsistent results depending on the brand of cement used and the dose of additives. The biggest issue we see is the significant amount of bleed. InfraGrout 100 not only eliminates the need for onsite dosing of such additives, but it also reduces the risk of high levels of bleed,” said Haddad.

InfraGrout 100 can be quickly and easily mixed on-site, with only the addition of water, and is packaged in rain and tear-resistant recyclable polyethylene bags.

“There no similar products available on the market that offer the same mix of premium quality, ease of use, and value. Traditional general-purpose cement and additive grout mixes are not a comparable solution. InfraGrout 100 effectively sits in a category of its own,” concluded Haddad.