Construction begins on second Kwinana battery energy storage system

Image credit: GenusPlus Group

The $625 million Stage Two Battery at Kwinana, Western Australia’s second grid-scale battery energy storage system, has commenced construction to help offer clean, reliable, and affordable electricity in the future.

Kwinana Battery Stage Two will provide 200MW of energy capacity with 800MWh of energy storage – four times that of Kwinana Battery Stage One, as revealed in a media statement. 

Funded by the Western Australian Government, the Kwinana project will comprise 288 shipping container-sized battery modules and will feature 72 inverter units.

These inverters use cutting-edge technology to help maintain grid stability by storing electricity when demand is low and releasing it back into the grid when demand is high.

During the construction of the second big battery, which is projected to be completed in late 2024, more than 160 jobs will be created.

The big battery is being constructed on three hectares of land adjacent to the first grid-scale battery at the former Kwinana Power Station.

Premier Roger Cook stated that the state government is moving forwards with implementing its plan for more affordable, dependable, and sustainable energy.

“The start of construction for WA’s second grid-scale battery energy storage system is an important milestone in WA’s energy transformation,” Cook said.

The premier added, “WA is a leader in the uptake of residential solar energy, and these big batteries help to ensure our energy system remains reliable as we transition away from coal-fired power.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Bill Johnston stated that the major electricity grid in Western Australia will receive more reliable power thanks to the innovative technology in this big battery.

“By investing in renewable energy and battery storage solutions, this Government is safe-guarding the long-term resilience and flexibility of our electricity network,” the minister said. 

A 500-megawatt battery energy storage system is one among the $3.8 billion in renewable energy infrastructure projects the Cook Government is funding in Collie. 

Later this year, the Shire of Collie is anticipated to receive the development application for the Collie big battery.

The WA Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy and aim to net zero emissions by 2050 include big batteries as a key endeavour.