RMIT Design Hub features 3D printers, robots and CNC milling


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Design Hub — a creative environment that facilitates researching, archiving, exhibiting, discussing and critiquing design — has announced last week that “The Future is Here“ will be exhibited from 28 August to 11 October.

RMIT Design Hub features 3D printers, robots and CNC milling
Components that make up an Adidas product. Image: supplied by Toni Andonovski

According to RMIT news release, the exhibit will house a “Factory,” which is equipped with a range of working machines including 3D printers, robots and a CNC milling machine, and staffed by RMIT technicians and Industrial Design students.

Presently, developing new technologies and tactics dims the correlation between designers, manufacturers and users.

As part of the exhibit, the Factory will ponder the idea that today’s fabrication tools are small enough to put on a desktop; simple and affordable enough to use at home; and more widely available than ever before.

The exhibit will highlight projects of respective artists, architects, craftspeople and designers participating with innovative digital processes, uncovering the procedure of design practice — conceptualising, modeling, evaluation and the final outcome.

The event encourages everyone to participate, create, test and experiment with the capabilities and functions of the new technology.

“The Future is Here” is a digital art tour exhibit created by the Design Museum — London’s museum of international contemporary design.