Dow Sponsors 2019 Australian LGBTI Awards


Dow Chemical has presented the ‘Diversity Champion’ category award at the Australian LGBTI Awards last Friday.

As the only manufacturing sponsor of the event, and the supporting partner, Dow was again the chief presenter of the ‘Diversity Champion’ award, which recognises an individual who successfully promotes positive change within their company and particularly in LGTBI+ initiatives..

The award went to Chelsea McPhail-Rosenberg, Assistant Store Manager at Woolworths for her exemplary effort in leading Woolworths to formalise its commitment to LGBITI diversity.

“This award represents more than just my individual contribution to the LGBTI diversity space. It represents my involvement at Proud at Woolworths and could not have been possible without the support of my amazing colleagues,” Ms McPhail-Rosenberg said.

“What started out as a concept by two young Woolworths graduates has grown into leading practice, and I am beyond proud to be a key driver in developing the LGBTI diversity strategy at Woolworths.

“I’ve grown personally and professionally by being involved in this space, and I’d like to thank all those I have met along this journey.”

Outgoing Dow ANZ President, Louis Vega, said Dow’s support for the event was a further proof of the company’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion,

“The diversity of our people is our strength. It reflects the world in which we do business and the communities in which we live,” Mr Vega said.

“Our values tie in with our partnership with the Australian LGBTI Awards. The LGBTI Awards, provide us with the opportunity to recognise the talent and hard work of these individuals.

“Employees and companies that embrace an inclusive culture build energy, optimism and aspirational thinking. While stereotypes, biases and fear can limit the expression of an individual’s full potential, and a company’s best use of its employee’s talents and experience.

“We’re proud to support and celebrate those who show passion for diversity and work hard to see workplaces embraceinclusivity. A public recognition of their efforts shines a brighter light on the importance of inclusion.”

Mr Vega also congratulated Chelsea McPhail-Rosenberg for her exemplary effort in leading Woolworths to formalise its commitment to LGBITI diversity.

“All of the nominees in the Diversity Champion category and across all categories have contributed positively within their organisations and across the broader LGBT+ community,” he continued,

“Diversity is who we are, inclusion is what we do every single day. Friday nights winner is in lock-step with the Dow belief that inclusion should be lived not just discussed.”

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